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  1. How do I apply?  - Online at in-office
  2. Can I have a cosigner? - No
  3. How long is my lease term? - 12 months
  4. What deposits are required? - Equal to One full month
  5. Is renter’s insurance required? - Yes
  6. When is my rent due? - 1st of each month
  7. How do I pay my rent? - Online payment portal, cashier's check or money order
  8. Are any utilities included in rent? - Trash, and pest control are paid with the concierge fee
  9. What utilities am I responsible for? - All utilities
  10. Who is my cable/ internet provider? - Xfinity & ATT
  11. What if I need maintenance? - Contact the office during business hours, submit an online request, or contact emergency maintenance after hours
  12. Where can I find a copy of my lease? - Contact the office
  13. Do the apartments have a washer/ dryer? - Hookups are in select units
  14. Are single occupancy rooms available? - No
  15. How do I add a roommate? - Contact the leasing office
  16. Is parking first come first serve or do we pay for a permit/spot? - First come first serve
  17. Who do I contact if I need help or need something fixed? - Call office
  18. Is the community pet friendly? - No
  19. Can I sublet my apartment? - No
  20. Can I use financial aid to help pay my rent? - Yes
  21. Are your apartments furnished? - No
  22. Can I pick who I live with or do you assign roommates? - Depending on availability, you may pick where you live. We do not assign roommates
  23. Are we aloud visitors? Do they need a visitor pass? - Yes, no
  24. Can visitors use the amenities? - Yes, resident must be present
  25. How do I access my apartment if I lose my key? - Contact office during office hours. If it is after, must call a locksmith
  26. Once I move in, how do I pay my rent and when is it due? - By the 1st of each month. Pay by cashiers check, money order, or online payment.
  27. Can I paint walls in my apartment? Can I hang things on the walls like a TV or artwork? - Yes., but not large nails
  28. Is the community undergoing any renovations or construction? - Yes in the future
  29. Can I start renting with a month-to-month lease? - No
  30. Do you offer short-term leases? - No
  31. When do I have to move-in by? - Depending on availability
  32. What’s your late fee policy? - $50.00 on the 6th
  33. Are the apartments furnished? - No
  34. If I need to move out, how do I give notice? When do I have to give notice? 60-day notice is required. - A notice to vacate form must be completed.
  35. Are there termination fees if I need to leave suddenly? - Buy out fee is 2x rent
  36. Who will be able to get into my apartment and for what reasons? How much notice will I be provided? Vendors or staff.  - For emergencies, you will receive a courtesy call/email. If you submit a work order and give us permission to enter, we will enter when we have the availability to complete the work order. For anything else, it will be a 24-hr notice.
  37. Will the locks be changed before I move in? - Yes
  38. Am I allowed to add a roommate later? - Yes
  39. Are there bike racks? Storage units? Garages? Other rentable amenities? - No
  40. Are there smoke alarms in the units? Carbon monoxide detectors? Alarm systems? - Yes
  41. How is trash collected? What about recycle? How do I get rid of a large piece of furniture? - Put at dumpster
  42. Do the apartments have window coverings? Ceiling fans? - Yes
  43. Are there elevators? If so, do I need to make reservations to use the elevators for move-in/large deliveries/move-out? - No
  44. What’s your smoking policy? - No smoking inside the apartments
  45. Can I install a satellite dish? - No
  46. Am I allowed to transfer to a smaller/larger apartment after moving in? - Depending on availability
  47. Where do I pick up my mail? Packages? - Packages are not accepted in the office
  48. How do I alert the office if I’m getting a delivery? - No need we don’t accept packages
  49. What’s your noise policy? - City/county quiet hour ordinance
  50. Am I allowed to have a grill? - No
  51. Can I get a POD delivered with my things for move-in/move-out? - Yes
  52. What things do I need to maintain in the apartment? Do you supply AC filters, refrigerator filters, light bulbs? - Yes
  53. Can I bring my own washer and dryer? - Only if the unit has W/D connections